Welcome to 2018

This weekend I attended my first convention of the year! This is my 6th year of participating in artist alleys and I’m branching out to more areas this year. From Las Vegas to San Jose, hopefully more Midwest and East Coast too. Wanna know where I’m going to be? Everything I know about so far is here.

Here are a few sketches I’ve been working on for new prints and just fun things.


My next convention is Emerald City Comic Con the first week of March. Its going to be the largest convention I’ve ever sold my art at. I’ll be at artist alley table W-11 if you wat to come and see me. Wish me luck!


Join me at Kumoricon this weekend!

I’ll be in Vancouver Washington Friday August 29th through Monday September 1st in the artist alley at Kumoricon.

I have some new goodies that I haven’t been able to upload yet but here’s a WIP shot!

See you this weekend!